Get rid of ghostly in-place holds

I can’t get rid of the ghosts I called. Or will I?

You know how it is: There are things you don’t have to understand. In a recent case, I wanted to deactivate the archive license for Exchange Online. But first I went to the Exchange Admincenter to deactivate the archives for the respective users. After all, everything has to be in order. But the attempt failed miserably. Again and again I received the following message:

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Are profile cards in OWA a compliance issue?

When you regularly talk to works councils and data protection officers about Microsoft 365, you always come across some pretty exciting topics. For me, that always means researching and considering a strategy. Now I’ve stumbled across a topic again that I hadn’t thought about at all. In the Outlook Web App (OWA), there are so-called profile cards that could apparently be a compliance issue, if it makes it one. Let’s take a look.

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