Disable Voicemail in Skype for Business Online

Voicemail is sometimes a very useful invention. But sometimes it can also be very annoying when you want to be “really not reachable” by phone. So when you have the wish to disable voicemail, you start searching in your Skype for Business preferences to disable it. The first thing you might want to do is turn off call forwarding:


Very annoying is, that you can turn off call-forwarding, but there is no chance to disable Unanswered calls will go to:


You could provide a fake number here but this doesn’t look very professional to your clients when a friendly voice tells them that “the number you’ve dialled is not available”.

So there must be another way of disabling it. And yes it is. It is not in the Skype for Business settings. It is located your personal Skype for Business Online settings:

Navigate to https://mysettings.lync.com/pstncalling to open the settings and sign-in with your Office 365 account. Here you find the option for disabling voicemail by unchecking this checkbox:


You can also configure further voicemail settings in this window to customize what your callers hear when they cannot reach you by phone.