Change Visual Studio Code Terminal Font

If you do not want to use the VSCode standard terminal font, you must change it. I show you how this works.

Especially if you have modded your PowerShell like I described in my article How to make PowerShell beautiful, you may wish to brighten up the PowerShell Terminal in Visual Studio Code, too.

The good thing is, that the PowerShell terminal in VS Code adapts the general changes that are made to your Shell window. But Visual Studio Code is missing the nearly most important point: the font! That leads to the problem of ugly fragments inside the Terminal pwsh window:

Making that beautiful, too is simple. Go to VS Code settings by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P and entering settings.json:

In this json file you can configure all settings of VSCode, also the Terminal font. Just choose the same font family like you chose when following my article How to make PowerShell beautiful and enter it in the correct JSON format.

{ "terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "CaskaydiaCove NF" }
Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

Keep an eye on the JSON formatting, so if this is the second parameter, don’t forget to add a comma at the end of line 1:

That’s it! Now your terminal pwsh session also adopts all your beautiful symbols:

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