Enable Loop Components (Preview) in your tenant

We’ve already published some articles about Microsoft Loop on this page. Some people asked us: “How can I activate these?”

Loop is no more a part of TAP or ring 1.5 in Teams, but can be activated in any tenant. As of today, Loop Components are available in Teams, more Loop features will follow soon.

This article is about the preview version - it may change when released GA. 

First, a Teams Admin must enable Preview inside Teams Admin Center for everyone or certain people:

Instead of Enabled, it may make sense to use Follow Office-Preview. This depends on your M365 Apps configuration.

In my tenants it was necessary to enable targeted release. This is also possible for everyone or certain users. In a productive tenant, I always recommend doing this for a group of pilot users (not for everyone, because in that case all employees may use preview features). This setting is done in the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal:

After this is set, you should wait a little bit. Microsoft needs some time to replicate and process this change in their backend.

Now the last steps needs to be done by the user. Inside Teams (Desktop and Web) the user needs to switch to the Preview version. Desktop and Web do not sync, if you want to use the features in both clients, you need to switch both clients:

Now there is a hint, that it is your own fault if you encounter problems becase all is preview and not GA 🙂

Now Teams (or the web client – depending on where you do the change) reload and the Loop Components are there.

Because this is Preview, you may encounter errors any time, also in features that are not related to Loop. In that case, just remove the check for Preview Version and Teams will switch back to the normal supported one.

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