Avatar in Microsoft Teams (without Microsoft Mesh)

The VR world is still waiting for the long-awaited Microsoft Mesh. So far, only Hololens 2 owners and a few selected tenants can enjoy a preview. The VR glasses owners are currently still left empty-handed. But YouTuber John Moore now shows a way to participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting with his avatar and at least recreate the Mesh feeling. We’ll show you how easy it is in the following article.

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Metaverse: first impressions

Back in 1995, Nintendo dared to take the first step towards immersing gamers in virtual reality with the Virtual Boy – and unfortunately failed miserably. With the Oculus Quest (now Meta), a pair of virtual reality glasses suitable for the masses is now on the market, which could give the Metaverse a new boost. A few months ago, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 myself and would like to introduce 3 exciting Metaverse apps (for everyday business use) below.

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IMHO – “MS-500 – Microsoft 365 Security Administration”

In this article I will NOT provide any links, braindumps or real exam questions. If you are looking for that, you are on the wrong page and need to continue your search.

Furthermore I give you the links that I used for learning and some hints about skills you need to earn before you write this exam. Hopefully that enables you to pass without re-takes.

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