Which Cordless Devices Support Microsoft Teams?

As the number of Microsoft Teams Phone users grows at an astonishing rate, it’s no longer just desk phones and softphones stealing the limelight.

Microsoft’s focus on enabling and empowering deskless workers is clear as the certified devices program now extends to a variety of cordless devices.

In this article we cover:

Microsoft Teams now supports native DECT integration

In March 2022, at Enterprise Connect, Microsoft announced its DECT support for native integration with its SIP gateway. 

This means manufacturers of DECT solutions can now undertake the Microsoft Teams certified devices program.

First to market was Spectralink with its DECT for Microsoft Teams solution. The range caters to mobility use cases like:

  1. Warehouses with large real estate mean WiFi is unreachable.
  2. Healthcare settings with niche requirements like patient monitoring.
  3. Security environments where motion detection is paramount.

At the entry-level, the Spectralink 72 series provides basic calling functions for simple use cases like supervisors who need mobility in large retail stores.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Spectralink 77 series is a healthcare-dedicated handset that includes bespoke features like:

  • Resistance to disinfectants 
  • Easy clean keypad membrane
  • Tear-off pull-cord string and alarm button
  • Automatic alarms for man down or no movement
  • Secure two-way messaging support
  • Enhanced DECT Security

Spectralink has been interoperable with Microsoft since Lync 2010 and Skype for Business, and can now register directly to the Teams SIP gateway. This means existing DECT roll outs can now integrate with the rest of your Teams telephony roll out and retaining expensive legacy deployments is a thing of the past.

Browse the Spectralink DECT for Teams range here.

Microsoft Walkie Talkie app

For users in extreme frontline settings, like oil rigs and working ships, emergency scenarios need immediate responses.

If an officer needs backup tending to a mechanical fault, they can’t spare the time logging into Teams, searching for the right contact, and seeing if they’re available.

Instead, Microsoft enabled the much sought-after push-to-talk functionality traditionally associated with PBXs.

On supported mobile devices, when the Walkie Talkie app is installed, users simply press the push-to-talk button to page colleagues.

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie app

As of September 2022, supported devices include:

  • BlueParrot wireless headset
  • Klein Electronics wired headset
  • Crosscall rugged mobile handset
  • Kyocera rugged mobile handset
  • Samsung rugged mobile handset
  • Sonim rugged mobile handset
  • Zebra rugged mobile handset

If you have a paid Teams license, you already have the Walkie Talkie app. It just needs turning on by your Teams admin. 

To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. In the left navigation of the Teams admin center, go to Teams apps > Manage apps.
  2. In the list of apps, search for the Walkie Talkie app, select it, and then switch the Status toggle to Allowed.

Teams-certified portable headsets

If you prefer a headset to a handset, many wireless and BlueTooth headsets are available from the likes of Poly, Jabra, Sennheiser, and Yealink.

Starting at $150 and working up to $450, there’s a portable headset for everyday use around your home office with 11 levels of noise cancellation and high-quality music mode for when you need to be in the moment with your tunes.

Wireless headsets for Microsoft Teams

Logitech also provides wireless earbuds, for those who prefer an in-ear rather than on/over-hear experience.

The Zone True Wireless includes a noise-canceling mic and the ability to switch between the two audio sources without missing a call.

Wireless earbuds for Microsoft Teams

Browse Microsoft Teams-certified headsets here.

Teams cordless desk phone

If you’re based at a desk most of your day but like the idea of moving around when you choose, Yealink’s MP58WH IP phone comes with a BlueTooth handset that replaces a traditional receiver.

So, alongside the touchscreen display and soundproof technology of a high-end desk phone, you have the option to roam freely if you need to stretch your legs.

There’s no caller display on the BlueTooth handset but you can customise the ringtone to decipher internal vs external calls when you’re away from your desk.

Check out the Yealink MP58WH IP phone here.

As Microsoft continues to invest in both deskless workers and its certified devices program, you can be sure your entire business is now able to move to Teams for telephony.

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